The Face Of Nairobi!!!

It was glamorous, it was classy and it was definately big! 12 contestants hailing from different parts of Nairobi met at the Venue, Pride Inn Hotel at westlands, their eyes set on More »

Mayhem Lies Therein….

Mayhem Lies Therein…. I wonder how in the world we have relationship experts, some of these relationship constrains are right under our very noses and we probably are too long sighted to More »

Signs you are being used.

Signs you are being used are:- 1. You only hear from your friend when she needs something “A friend who disappears untilshe is in need is fairly obvious in terms of being More »

Height of Creativity- Kusev Farm… Designed using Turkey Feathers

Maybe to refresh those that are new to this amazing designs, Kusev farm is a turkey farm that uses Turkey feathers to create fashion accesories. Recently, Moo Moo used feathers to make More »

Miss Nairobi Gala Night at Pride Inn Hotel Westlands!

The Face Of Nairobi Cordially invites you to come witness an event like no other where we will dine, dance and crown the authentic Face Of Nairobi 2013 Venue: Pride Inn Hotel, More »

Fashion Mistakes People Make Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion Mistakes People Make Fashion Faux Pas Fashion Faux Pas- Terrible Mistakes That You shouldn’t be doing!! Fashion is very diverse, what may look good on her may look hideous on you More »