Funky Friday best song, Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

This is the best song you are going to hear this weekend. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud is very articulate song that touches the most hidden parts of our hearts. More »

Sharon Mundia Lands a New Job!!

Sharon Mundia Lands a New Job!! Sharon Mundia, also known as This is Ess, one of the best fashion blogs in the country has found herself yet another jojb, currently she is More »

The Guy Behind Dead-beat Is Seeking Financial Help!!

The Guy Behind Dead-beat Is Seeking Financial Help!! I have been laughing hysterically for the past two hours, the past week has been a funny one for most of us who enjoy More »

Sexiest Women In Nairobi!!

Sexiest Women In Nairobi!! What is sexy and what is whack?   When it comes to sexy, the line between Whack and elegance is not that thick, women turn up looking like More »

Risper Faith In Police Custody!!

 Socialite Risper Faith In Police Custody. The Self-appointed queen of butt-land has seen the inside of a police land-rover, and the inside of the dungeons, the much sought socialite was last Friday More »

kenya’s best dressed men!!

kenya’s best dressed men More »

Socialite Risper Faith, Steals, Again-Evidence!!!

Socialite Risper Faith, Steals, Again- Yes And We have Evidence!!! Once sticky-fingered, always sticky fingered, Risper Faith, the Lady with a colossal butt, and a really small brain has stolen money, again, not by violence, More »

Meet Njoki Ndegwa, Beauty With Brains..

She doesn’t hit you like the type that possess  beauty, and a hell lot of brains, but, brace yourself, she has more balls than ten men, that makes it 20 balls on More »

The Ratchet Levels in this country are Alarming #blaqy #Risper Faith

Naturally like a totally normal man i do love plenty of ass, most of the time, not all the time, you see when butt becomes too much, especially when its cellulite laden, More »

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