@akotheekenya – I never knew this page was a movement and not a fan page anymore , an insitution and not a constitution.well, I will be lying if I say you dont have any impact in my life , ooh yes you do , the likes,comments appreciation , corrections , mockery , inspirations , jokes, has uplifted not just me but my followers.Lets all spread love and be positive in life , if you are a fan of comments here you can clearly see that you are not alone in the world of grinding , you will realise that everyone is toiling but on a different level. Never underestemate the power of your toungue , it can build the stronger ones and can break the weaker ones , I love the way we abuse insult each other once in a while ,but hey all this is fun.Although at times I pull your legs to wake you up but I do it out of love , "spare the rod and spoil the child " I love how you bounce back after abusing me and send me love , I would never exchange my fan base for any other celeb am contented with you my headache & my panadol , like we said before , "no one has plans for you , better have plans for yourselves , sorry for those in my life who expect me to drop what I love doing.Its time they take a seat and watch Gods miracles , and for those who feels the kitchen is getting hotter to exit and create room , MUSIC IS LIFE & AM GONNA LIVE WITH IT. Thank you'all for being there for me.watch this space. LET ME MOURN MY FRIEND NOW , YOU ALL WELCOMED FOR THE SEND OFF R.I.P GRANDPA – #TagUsForRepost http://kenyanfashion.co.ke

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