@eleksie_africa – It is our differences that makes us unique and makes us who we are. We should allow other people to be bravely different. Different perceptions, different choice of doing things, different choice in liking who they wanna like and definitely different skin color and body size. It is OK. …Let us not make others feel like they have to hide under the rag for being different. And for making different choices from us. The society is hell bent on making everyone the same. Let us all have same drawn brows, contoured noses, big bums, Instagram baddies. F*ck all that pressure. And now we want to kill the other person because they prefer certain politicians for whatever reason. Really? So now, tolerance and respect given the middle finger.Next time you judge someone based on their different ideology, looks or preference from yours, remember, everyone is making their way home, in the best way they know how. Allow people to bravely different.And to those feeling beat down, remember "You are a marvel" … @eyeboll_studios #eleksie #eleksiefashion #eleksienoir #eleksieafrica #fashionwriter #fashionblogger #fashionblog #africanblogger #kenyanfashionblogger #fashion #africanstyle #celebratedifferences # – #TagUsForRepost http://kenyanfashion.co.ke


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