If you are looking to pay up your KCB loan after they list you onto CRB and you are strapped for cash. Avoid paying them immediately and ride on the bad listing for a while untill you can get your finances in order. If you pay up they will not give you anoter loan for a period of 5Yrs so be ready to live wit that, don’t pay up money that you think they will loan you immediately on your KCB Mpesa.

There are alot of reasons why you will not pay your loan in time and hence get listed. KCB locking you out of credit for 5yrs is just a very bad form of purnishment. Incase you find yourself in such a situation avoid paying the loan back almost immediately , because it will not matter wheather you pay it 3hrs after being listed or 1 yr after being listed. They will not give you the loan for another 5yrs even though their software updates and might even recommend you for a higher loan amount than you previously borrowed.



kcb Mpesa

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