• The vision : To provide high value world class information to millions of Kenyans to enable them become brand owners & foreign income earners in our country and region thus reducing total trade deficit.

• The Mission: ‘To deliver superior online production, distribution and communication of solutions to our customers and create value to our Stakeholders.

Our Purpose

“for affordable and reliable informational services ” In support to this mission, VG is committed to accomplishing the following-:

a. To our customers; VG will constantly assess customer needs and provide appropriate solutions and better ways to meet their requirements through high quality service.

b. To our employees; VG will provide career development opportunities that increase their professionalism and technical proficiency so as to be involved with more complex projects.

c. To our community; VG will undertake the role of a corporate citizen in social and environmental development programs across the country.

d. To our shareholders; VG will provide a continuous long- term source of profitable growth and superior return on investment.


Core values
As we pursues our vision, VG is guided by the following core values:-

Entrepreneurship – We are committed to delivering to our customers innovative solutions in our key business areas i.e. Image development, Brand building and development, Business Development and providing informational services.Key tools of trade include but are not limited to online magazines and sites, online stores and web services, Photography and videography services, Hospitality travel and tourism products and related services.

Integrity – To do the right thing and adhere to the highest ethical standards of honesty, transparency and loyalty.

Stewardship – We are dedicated to the efficient and effective use of our resources and yours. We accept responsibility of the public trust and are accountable for our actions.

Professionalism – We value professionalism by all employees. We develop our staff to perform their work with expertise, dedication and care.

Team work – Our service hinges on teamwork, strategic alliances, and communication both within our corporation and with the community we serve.