VG provides a wide range of products/services tailored to suit the specific needs of the customers. These include:-

• A photography studio that produces photographs both soft and hard copies and on frames.

Photography studio • Photo sessions should be booked in advance to ensure timely execution of the shoot. Non edited Soft copies can be gotten in the same office same day. – Edited selected copies expedited service available

• A fashion studio or design shop that tailors personalized clothes for our clients

• A fashion store front end of our business where we can display and retail our fashion products both from world wide collections and locally made.

• Online magazines e.g.

• An Online fashion store a web store where we enable the local community to put their products online

• A Video production studio for audio video production and broadcasting

• A graphics studio for computer design items such as graphics, branding material designs, visualizations.

• Model agency services

• Travel and Tour operations through strategic partnerships with operators such as Eagles Camp, Savanah resort, Nyali Beach Resort

• etc