The human skin especially the face is one of the most important things since it is the outmost force of attraction to a person. As a result, it is expected that we take care of our face in easier ways than damaging our skins with chemicals and also ensuring that we spare our wallets. One of the best ways to spare the coin that we have is to use home remedies and just like any other condition, acne has more than one home remedies that can clear our faces. However, we have different skins hence it should always be at the back of our minds that different treatments will be required for different people. Here are a some of the ways that can ensure that you keep a clear face.

  1. Careful cleansing.

This one involves cleansing your face gently using different home recipes to get rid of maybe some pimples that have proved to be stubborn, whiteheads and also the black heads as result of pimples. One of the commonest recipe is the hone face wash which is home maid. The recipe to this face wash involves few ingredients just to mention a few, there has to be honey, coconut oil, and also an apple cider vinegar. After you have made your face wash with the above, then dampen the skin with warm water and then you massage your face with it up to the neck. Make this a habit every morning and after work outs and it will clear your skin within no time. In addition, you should avoid washing often to avoid the skin overproducing oil.

  • Toning.

This comes in after you have done your washing. Washing your face is not a guarantee that everything will be cleared hence toning is advisable to take care of any residue that is left behind. The best item to use during toning is the apple cider vinegar and its pure and it has its natural state in position. This is advised to be undertaken in the mornings and also evenings using cotton wool and you should be keen to parts that are prone to acne and also those which already are affected. Apple cider vinegar is advised because it contains magnesium, potassium and various enzymes among other elements and the enzymes help kill bacteria on the skin.

  • Application of healing masks.

Application of healing masks helps the skin to be hydrated and also fights acne to some extent. In addition, masks also help in healing the skin. An easy mask to make is the one involving yogurt and honey. In this mask, you only require a table spoon of pure honey(raw), and a tablespoon of yogurt. After you have had your mixture, apply gently to the acne prone areas not ignoring hairlines and jawline. Give it a period of ten minutes then you can wipe it off with a towel that is damp. Repeat this often and you should notice a change in your skin. There are other masks like cinnamon and honey which works favorably the same as the honey yogurt it just depends with the ingredients that you can acquire easily.

  • Use of probiotic supplement.

A research done recently shows that probiotic food supplements is a good way to fight acne. The study, published in Dermatology online journal, shows that taking probiotic food supplements has proven to be a promising method of fighting acne. Moreover, probiotic helps in immune boosting and also assist in healthy digestion apart from keeping the skin healthy. Therefore, apart from using external ways you should also keep in mind that the fight of acne is both internal and external battle.

  • Healthy eating.

In every infection or condition in our bodies, healthy eating habits play a big role in helping to get rid of them. It is advised that you should keep off food that might encourage blood sugar spikes and lead to insulin production. Instead, you should try taking leafy greens and also proteins that are clean. In addition, make sure that your diet is inclusive of food that are rich in zinc because a study has shown that acne sensitivity and zinc are correlated. If you need to be acne free then you should avoid sugar and also wheat among others.

All in all, a good face appearance is everyone’s pride and it also boosts someone’s self-esteem. As a result, taking care of our face should be easy because the ingredients can be locally available and also it spares us from throwing our dollars away  not forgetting that we are keeping away from chemicals that can backfire hence messing our effort to clear our acne.

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