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Walking around with cracked feet is embarrassing and also painful not to mention uncomfortable. It is quite difficult to move around with cracked feet because you try as much as you can to hide them which leads you to having some strange walking styles in attempt to hide it. This condition can be caused by the presence of harsh weather condition but also carelessness and ignorance might lead to you destroying your feet. Having cracked feet has proven hard to move around the streets with open shoes that’s why home remedies are suggested for you to cater for your embarrassment as you walk around the block because everyone fantasizes of having flawless skin including feet. Here are some home remedies that you can use to make your feet healthy.

  1. The use of honey.

Honey has proved to be one of the greatest home items that can be used across to cater for different conditions and cracked feet is not any different because honey can be a miracle to your cracked feet. Honey helps to moisturize feet and in addition act as a good humectant. Moreover, if you tend to have dry skin you can also use honey to your safety. In cracked feet, honey helps due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It cures fighting the bacteria that causes cracks hence healing your feet. The process is very easy because you just need a cup of honey and warm water in a foot basin. You are required to mix them thoroughly then deep your feet for like 30 minutes. After that, you scrub the dead keen carefully. Make this a habit and you will notice a change in your feet.

  • The use of vegetable oils.

Phytochemicals and nutrients are notoriously known for their moisturizing ability and they are found in vegetable oils. Since vegetable oils are great emollient it can then be used to moisturize your feet. In this case, any oils like mustard oil, soy oil or olive oil can be used. Most of this oils like the mustard oils assist in taking moisture deeper in the skin. Other oils that can prevent you from cracked feet is the virgin coconut due to its antibacterial property. For this, you pick any vegetable oil and warm water but also a pair of socks is required though optional.

The procedure requires;

  • You to deep your feet to water for like ten minutes.
  • After that you take your feet out to dry but don’t allow them to completely dry.
  • Then you apply a vegetable oil on your feet while they are partially wet.
  • You then massage your feet gently so as to allow the oil to get deeper to the cracks.
  • As a precaution to avoid dirtying your sheets then you are advised to wear socks.
  • Repeat this till your feet are completely fine.
  • Diet for cracked feet.

The role that right diet and a balanced one carries is of no measure. Your feet is undoubtedly an important part of your body hence they require the right combination of nutrient to keep them healthy. If some elements like zinc, vitamin A, C and E are a miss in your diet then this might lead to cracked feet. Moreover, the loss of this nutrients would also mean dry skin and no one wants that. Therefore, as much as remedies are encouraged, you shouldn’t forget your eating habits since they are also essential in fighting cracked feet.

Cracked feet are inarguably most disgusting thing that you would want to entertain hence your feet should be taken care of. Do not wait until the soap has gone sour in order for you to poor it. In short, don’t wait till you have the condition so that you can cure it because preventing will always be better than cure.

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