Hey there,

My name is Roy and I’m one of the Master Instructors here at Kenyan Fashion I’m reaching out to you because I’d like to invite you to join the Kenyan Fashion membership community. If you are looking to expand your Fashion, Art or Photography career, this is the community to be a part of. With career path checkpoints and tasks tailored to you or your family’s personal career ambitions, you can start learning and gaining hands-on skills right away. 

Benefits include and are not limited to:

  1. Get to develop your own products
  2. Get to sell your products on https://kenyanfashion.co.ke/shop/
  3. Get ready clients for your products
  4. Get to belong to our Fashion Art and Photography community and get access to our calendar and small business mentorship on your Kenyan Fashion journey.
  5. Get to sell your products in the four corners of the world.
  6. Get marketing for your products.
  7. Get trusted payment solutions for your products.
  8. Get cloud storage for your media files.
  9. Get enhanced cyber security
  10. Write professionally on https://kenyanfashion.co.ke/members/create-post/
    October we are offering startup membership You can join Kenyanfashion.co.ke for as low as Ksh1000, Ksh4000month or Ksh 10,000 @Month

We are looking for invested Fashion Art and Photography partners in NGOs individuals or clubs in your schools.

Not ready to become a member yet? Invite us for a demonstration in your institution or establishment soon call 0739931188 to secure your membership now.


Only 100 membership slots available for students.

I look forward to connecting and I hope to see you on the Kenyanfashion platform soon. 


Ambia Roy
Founder and CEO

Kenyan Fashion
Country Arcade, Near MOGAS, Ngong
0739 931188

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