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Nnunji – The Origin of the Brand

Nnunji is a brand of unique handmade fashion accessories. Our products are handcrafted from natural materials e.g. semi-precious gemstones, natural stones, hand-blown glass, metal, ceramic, bone, shell, etc.

Nnunji was founded in September 2013 as a one-of-its-kind brand name in the local handmade accessories market. All our creations are one-piece designs, with no duplications made of any products. Each piece is individually sketched, designed and created by its founder, whose passion for fashion dates back to her childhood.

Our Inspiration

The word ‘Nnunji’ means ‘nice’ in Luganda – the main language spoken in Uganda, the native country of Nnunji’s founder and creative designer. It is every lady’s experience at one time or another to receive a compliment when she’s all dressed up and donning some attractive piece of accessory. The words could be as simple as, “Wow! Nice necklace/bracelet/shoe!”

Those simple words are often followed by another common question, “…where did you get it/where can I get one of my own?” And it is from having one too many of such experiences that the creator of Nnunji thought of establishing a brand that will cater to every lady’s need to accessorize.

We are inspired by the idea that a lady’s accessories always add a touch of style to her appearance, making even the simplest of outfits come alive. At Nnunji, we aim to break the monotony of having duplicated and reproduced designs that can be so common in the world of ready-made fashion.

Our Mission

To establish and grow a brand of handmade fashion accessories that feature one-piece designs, in a varied range of styles, such as afro-ethnic, antique/bohemian, bridal, modern/contemporary and chunky/statement.
Our mission can be summed up in three simple words: IMAGINE, DESIGN, CREATE!

Our Vision
To have Nnunji as a premium brand known for designs that are unique in style, high in value and durable in quality. The brand is to feature both regular and luxury pieces that will showcase at our retail store.

Nnunji’s History

Being someone whose childhood hobby was creating a fashion magazine called “Benty’s Collection”, Nnunji’s founder and creative designer has a natural passion for accessorizing. Hence, she was repeatedly complimented for this by friends, workmates, and ladies in general. She therefore thought of becoming the central source of these accessories, instead of having to direct each and every lady to where they can get similar pieces.

It initially started as an online portal called ImageEtiquette Advisory, which encompassed all the facets of her then business: accessories marketing, advisory tips and consultancy on etiquette, communication and style. She later thought of separating the online shop from the advisory part of the business. ImageEtiquette Advisory thereafter operated as an online magazine for advisory tips on etiquette, communication, style/grooming, nutrition/wellness, and general knowledge.

Setting up and establishing the business was made possible by the fact that Nnunji’s founder had been working in an Investment bank for almost 5 years when she developed this idea. She had therefore gathered sufficient capital to realize her dream of establishing an online accessories portal, specifically of the handmade variety.

After leaving secular employment, and dabbling in freelance web designing for a year, she then consolidated all her ideas to create a single brand of handmade fashion accessories – and discontinuing the online advisory portal (ImageEtiquette Advisory). Thus Nnunji was born in September 2013, with its founder personally designing graphics for the brand logo and packaging.

About Nnunji’s Founder & Creative Designer

Nnunji was created by Benadatte Kaggwa, a former Client Service and Operations Consultant, who worked in an Investment bank for almost 5 years. Bena, as she prefers to be called, holds a diploma in Web Design and has a natural talent in art and designing.

She also freelances in website design, event and interior decorating, and fashion consultancy.

In her own words: “My greatest motivation in creating and developing the Nnunji brand is the belief that by accessorizing, every lady enhances her appearance and boosts her self confidence.”

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