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PYGMALION Movie Review

The Truth Is You Are Not The Only Person Concerned About PYGMALION MOVIE REVIEW

Pygmalion is a play by George Bernard Shaw. A film was released in 1938 based on the same title and adapted from the play. In the play, at the ending, Eliza returns to Henry Higgins. There is some insistence from him treating her like a servant, and this is disappointing and problematic. It may also infuriate children that are raised during a period when gender equality principles were assumed. The writer had a problem with the ending and even wrote a sequel to the play. In the sequel, Freddie and Eliza get married.

The movie reflects the ending in the sequel that is essentially a happy ending and this kind of ruins the story and the essence of the author writing it in the first place. The film made the romantic end of the original play very explicit, and this kind of drowned the thematic considerations of independence of women and class struggles. The theme of feminism in the play by George Shaw was now reduced to the traditional stories of love and romance.

The ending that was more effective was the end of the film in that it was obvious throughout the play that Freddie and Eliza had something that was more than a friendship. However, this somehow made it a love story and clouded the themes of feminism and women independence that the author of the play had sought to achieve from the entire play. The ending affects the play in that it seems more of a romance movie like many more books and films and drowns out the important matters that the writer sought to capture through the lens of women struggles.

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