The goals that I had when coming into the course is that I would be able to reevaluate my progress in my school career and get in touch with my artistic and creative side to some extent. I sought to become a more enlightened, aware and better person and to advance my knowledge in various things, write better and express myself in a more refined way. The portfolio reflects these goals based on my experiences, and my presentation of these experiences.

The Focus Test opened up my perceptions about my personality in ways that I never considered before. The Focus test was essentially a test that sought to establish which part of my personality would be useful in my education as well as my future career. The test enabled me to find out that I am a problems solver and even determined the environments that would best suit my personality. I fund the results to be very accurate as they reflected my life and how it is essentially. I realized that it was possible to come up with tools that can make accurate assessments that are important in planning and this is important as a guide as a person through their life and career.

Economics as a minor is a piece I wrote about my decision to take up Political Science as a major and to minor in Economics. Politicians and the economy have fascinated me for a long time especially with respect to the behavior of the politicians and the global financial crisis respectively. It is a demanding pursuit to focus on these two components in my undergraduate as it reflects who I am as a person and my interests. I researched a lot on what I should pursue and this somehow built my foundation especially as I study international relations as a higher qualification which is an important way of applying the two studies at a global level.

Guidance was a text I wrote about what I would do if I were to talk to my former student advisor. Based on distance I would have to make use of available technology, in this case Skype. This would require sufficient planning to get software, hardware and an internet connection that is stable. I also realized that just like any other meeting, I would have to book an appointment and based on the feedback, I would set up an appropriate time and location. I would ask questions about my career and eek his counsel.

The article “Elevator Pitch: A Unique Chance of Encounter” was about getting a chance as a professional to introduce oneself, services offered, expertise or a organization in a span of between 20 to 30 seconds. It is brief yet has comprehensive information. It requires conciseness and brevity. It also must be interesting and create a good first impression. Dwight’s recommendations are mostly things that I have considered before in considering elevator pitches. It is important to include the goals of a person of a business and the solutions that one can provide. Professional expertise can be used to build credibility and one must also be organized in idea and though. It requires practice and the pitcher must be ready to embrace feedback.

“Dance Now” is a piece i wrote about a play I attended at the Arts and theatre Centre. The piece is named after the play itself which took place in the main stage annual concert. The play had an important role to play in teaching me about dance as an art form. In every single section of the dance there was a different action and each movement had a story to tell. The dances were structured in such a way as to sit the passions of different audiences so as to deliver to the audience the expected value proposition that had been communicate  by implication. The variety of the dancing movies was also important in giving the play color and also to communicate to the variety of groups that were represented at the play. I learnt how historical and cultural diversities could be expressed in a play and more so by dances. I learnt that it was possible to infuse entertainment and important thematic issues that need consideration from people on a regular basis. For such a fete to be achieved there is a lot of work that goes into the process and this made me start thinking about the possible ways that artists presenting such art forms can be feted for their efforts? Everything somehow has to be aligned in synchrony from the stage to the costumes and the themes. I was enlightened and entertained in one sitting and perhaps this is an experience that should be had by everyone to some extent.

I have had quite a number of challenges as I sought internship at various levels of my education. This prompted me to write a piece about the challenges in seeking internship. I realized that the demand for interns and the ease of getting internships that I had assumed was not quite as I thought. I sought an internship for a long while without getting a favorable response. My experiences also seemed to be grander because I was an international student. The harsh realities in the job market are something that needs to be communicated to other students seeking to study political science. It should inspire more students to come up with firms and create future opportunities for the political scientists still in school.

The activity on seeking internships was the most helpful to me because it gave me an opportunity to pause and reflect how hard it has been. I would not wish for any other student to face the same challenges and therefore it built my resolve to try and work harder to come up with my own establishment that would absorb its fair share of political science students seeking internships. I learnt that I am very considerate about other people. I would not like people to go through the same things that I have especially if I can help them not to. If I was to change this portfolio I would change the elevator pitch text because it somehow gets lost in all my experiences. It seems very detached from the rests of the material in the portfolio. Going forward I will engage myself in more activities of professional development and networking as well as continue to write about key experiences which I think will serve as an important borrowing point for younger students who wish to go through the same path that I have taken so far and the path I wish to take in the future. This would help me grow as a person and help myself another keeps track of the progress made in the future.

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